LuvLeeh Cosmetics

Customer Reviews

My granddaughter likes her lipgloss. 


We have been having a hard time with age appropriateness and this was something that helped her into understanding what acceptable for a 4 year old and what is not!


It’s not even 9am, but guess who is walking around here with their lips poppin!!!! Yes Autumn! The bag dropped and she has been glossed ever since! S/O to LuvLeeh Lips the lip glosses are GREAT! As a parent of a 4year old girl I’m all about allowing my daughter to embrace her girlie characteristics and her desire to want to do her make-up “like mommy” but given her age I have to ensure she’s not doing “too much” and these lip glosses allow her to do just that! Thanks Ryleeh!!! 


I tried them. My lips are soft !


We love it !!! smell and consistency on point lips were definitely moisturized and that mint had a tingly feel which was good!!!


The glosses lasted long and left my lips feeling super shinning and smooth. 


I love how the glosses left my lips moisturized


The gloss is poppin!


I love the tingling sensation it leaves on my lips. My fav. Great job!!